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SEGAFREDO cafe at Marrakech airport offers a variety of premium quality coffee beans to cater to different tastes and preferences of customers. Organic and fair trade options are also available for those looking for more sustainable products. These beans are roasted on site to ensure the freshness and exceptional taste of each cup of coffee served. The experienced baristas at the establishment are trained to prepare coffee to perfection, including cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos. Customers can also purchase SEGAFREDO coffee bean bags as souvenirs to bring back home to continue to enjoy the exceptional taste of SEGAFREDO. In addition to coffee-based drinks, SEGAFREDO cafe also offers a selection of homemade Moroccan pastries such as almond cakes, gazelle horns, sandwiches, and salads for customers who are looking for a quick bite. These food options allow you to remember Moroccan flavors even after your trip. There is also an outdoor terrace for customers who want to enjoy a panoramic view of the airport while savoring their coffee. The terrace allows you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere before taking your flight.