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Conditions for entry into Morocco during the Covid 19 pandemic.

What are the entry conditions for Morocco?

Entry into Morocco is subject to the decisions of the Moroccan authorities. They have announced the resumption of flights as of June 15, 2021, based on a classification of countries into two lists (A and B), which may change.

Country lists

List A countries

o Countries reporting community transmission of a new variant, other than the alpha variant (currently considered predominant in Morocco);

o Countries whose data on the epidemiological situation and genomic surveillance are not available;

o Any other country for which there are arguments in favor of a deterioration in the epidemiological situation.

List B countries

All countries and territories whose:
o Data relating to the epidemiological situation, including the circulation of new variants, are available;

o The epidemiological situation is under control.

Health protocol measures

List A countries: Maintenance of suspension of connections

For exceptional permits granted by consular services:
– A negative PCR test at boarding, dated no more than 48 hours ago;
– A 10-day controlled quarantine, at the passenger’s expense, in structures previously designated by local authorities;

They will need to present at the boarding:

  • a negative PCR test no more than 48 hours before the boarding date;
  • a declaration of honor filled out and signed, for a 10-day confinement;
  • proof of reservation confirming payment in one of the hotels designated by the Moroccan authorities for a 10-day confinement;
  • a completed and signed health form. However, after a stay exceeding 10 days in a country on list B, travelers from countries on list A will be subject to the requirements applied to countries on list B.

NB: Children under 11 years of age are exempt from the PCR screening test regardless of their origin. From 11 years old, it becomes necessary to take the test.
Consult the list of authorized hotels for the 10-day confinement below.