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The Market Table is an airport snack restaurant specialized in quick bites. The restaurant is known for its fast, fresh and tasty cuisine, with a variety of choices to suit all tastes. It offers a wide range of hot dishes, sandwiches, salads, drinks and snacks. Customers can enjoy home-made burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, fries, roasted chickens and sandwiches. There is also a selection of fresh salads and drinks to accompany the dishes. The prices are reasonable for what is offered. The Market Table is an ideal place for people who are looking to eat quickly and efficiently before their flight. Customers can enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying a pleasant setting and quality services. The restaurant is also equipped with free wifi. The Boudoir is a space dedicated to appointments for a drink or a quick meal. Fully air-conditioned, it is the perfect place for business people who are looking for a quiet and relaxed venue for informal meetings. The Market Table is the ideal place for people who are looking for fast, fresh and tasty cuisine in a pleasant and quality setting, while enjoying its airport location.